Interview with Your Local Note

On Wednesday,  Jan. 28, I stopped by the Your Local Note Studios in Philadelphia to talk with RJ about music, songwriting and more.  I played a few songs live and we listened to a few tracks from the album.  …

Support 92.6 The Blitz

Please check out this video posted by 92.6 The Blitz.  Tom Slick has been a huge supporter of my music recently and hoping you'll consider supporting his crowdsourcing campaign to make his station even better.  My music is featured at…

92.6 The Blitz!

92.6 The Blitz, internet radio out of Southern California recently picked up my track "Sunny and 71" which has become one of their top requested tunes.  This week they are featuring a song a day from my album.  Thanks for…

Mi2N Review on Gravity or Lack Thereof

Thanks to and Doug Cash for a great review of my album.  Here's a nice quote:

Sunny & 71 explodes out of the speakers like Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen in a WWE Hell In the Cell knock

Review by Beach Sloth Blog

Beach Sloth posted a fantastic review of my album.  Check it out here!  

"Instantly catchy, remarkably clever with an emotional core that guides each song, “Gravity (Or Lack Thereof)” is a memorable collection and a true testament to excellent

Crossradar album review

Crossradar posted a review of Gravity (Or Lack Thereof) today.  "This is indie rock with one eye on the past and one fixed firmly on the road ahead."  Check it out.

If you're new to this site, welcome and…

More press on the album

Thanks to for yet another great review of the album "Gravity (Or Lack Thereof)".  Link to it here Jamsphere Review  

"It is the combination of the raw emotion inherent in the lyrics, coupled with the consistency of McGuire's…

New Album Review

Click here for out this great review of my CD "Gravity (Or Lack Thereof" by Bill C.  Here's a quote:  

"The first things you will notice about the songs in Dylan McGuire’s Gravity (Or Lack Thereof) are the guitar